Hi parents, Our final exam will be held on 11/13/2021. The Final exam includes writing, listing, speaking, and reading. From Chapter 11-13. Flash Card links: 1. 2. 3. We have practice and review the quiz this Sat. Please help your kid to practice 11-13 before Sat. Let me know if you have further questions. Connie


 Hi parents,  We finish L13 textbook today, and we will try to finish the workbook next week. L13 has more context, so we spend more time on it. Next week, we will finish L13, and we will start to review the previous charpter. We practice lots of sentences today, and they did an amazing job! Both of them can read more words now! Homework: Workbook P101, 104, and 105 Let me know if you have further question, Connie


 Hi parents, We practice L13 about time and vocabulary. They did a great job! They both are only 10 points away to get the award! Homework this week: Workbook P100, 102. See you next Sat.! Connie


 Hi parents, We learned Chapter 13 vocabulary this week. Hope to finish the whole vocabulary this week. After we finish Chapter 13, we will start to review Chapters 6-10. Homework: Workbook P98 Let me know if you have any question Connie


 Hi parents, My kids' fall break is earlier, and I will be out of town next Sat.. We will do a zoom class on 10/1 at 19:00.  If you can't make it, let me know. We will have a Chapter 11 quiz, next class, so no homework this week. Have a great weekend! Connie


 Hi parents, We celebrate Moon Festival this week. We learned the story about the moon festival and played game together.  We have homework from last week. Workbook: P94 and P97. Let me know if you have any question. Connie


 Hi parents, We practice L12 "What time is it" today. I am glad all of you did homework today. Let's keep doing it. We finished Textbook L12 and homework for this week is Workbook P94 and P97, textbook P83 4 listen, clap and practice. Students can get points by finishing homework, answer questions during class, and good quiz and final exam scores. Once they reach 50 points, they will get $5 gift card from they store they choose. See you next week. Connie